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Senior Product Designer @ DigitalOcean

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Think of Salesforce Functions as the love child between Heroku and Customer 360. Salesforce Developers now have the power to develop and manage custom apps on Salesforce across their entire life cycle.


Spark, Skillshare's Design System, is a cross-functional system built to improve parity and collaboration across the product org.


Building a robust Design System for a cloud provider that laid the foundation for a new Product Documentation site, Identity and Access Management feature, Identity and Access Management, and a CDN redesign.

My Writing

June 21, 2024
10 min
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The Walrus 2.0 Design Token Strategy

The implementation of design tokens in the Walrus Design System has enabled a flexible, scalable approach to design at DigitalOcean, supporting light and dark modes, multi-theming, and multi-branding.
June 19, 2024
10 min
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Conducting Your First Design System Listening Tour

A "Listening Tour" for design systems gathers valuable user insights to improve consistency and scalability across tech products. By engaging key participants and understanding their workflows and pain points, you can identify priority projects and foster a culture of continuous improvement
June 19, 2024
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5 Must-Watch Movies for Design System Teams

As a system thinker, it’s essential to nurture creativity and seek inspiration beyond the boundaries of the tech industry. One effective and enjoyable way to do this is by watching movies celebrating the importance of design, creativity, and teamwork. Here are five captivating movies that every design system team or system thinker should add to their watchlist: